Baking Classes

  • Master the art of choux pastry in your own kitchen and with friends

    3 hr


  • Have fun with your date creating stunning French Tarts from scratch

    3 hr


  • Have fun with your friends creating stunning French Desserts from scra...

    3 hr



Live a hands-on session

Whatever you want to learn, we'll do it together. I'll get you up to speed, at your own pace, so once you're alone with your oven, you can create wonders.

Master your kitchen

Learn how to make delicious pastries at home, with your own appliances, tools, and space. It's more practical than baking in fancy labs.

See the must-have

Understand all the important baking tools and how to use them. I'll bring all the utensils with me to show you -  no need to go on a shopping spree. 

Learn food chemistry

Knowing how ingredients interact with each other and their roles in recipes is just as important as mastering baking techniques.

Your Baking Experience


Our Forex Course

How long does it take to complete the course?

It depends on how quick of a learner you are and how much free time you have to dedicate to the course.

How much capital do i need to start trading and using the strategies in the course?

You can start trading with a minimum of about R170! There are many brokers that offer low minimum deposits.

What do I need in order to enrol?

Capital to pay the course enrollment fee. Stable Internet connection. Smartphone,Tablet or PC. Thats it! No formal qualification needed.

What is the duration of my membership after I enrol?

Purchasing the online course material grants you lifetime membership/mentorship with us. You will have access to your course material 24/7 forever.

What type of broker must I use for the strategies to work?

Any Forex broker! With that being said, We recommend ECN brokers because of their favorable market conditions and spreads but any broker will do.

What is your strategy success rate?

Our strategies have a win rate of about 85%, it's impossible not to have losing trades but the trick is to win more than you lose!

VIP Signals

How long is the VIP Signals subcription?

Your VIP Signals Subcription is valid for 30 days from the day of purchase.

How do I renew my subscription

Simply go to the "Packages" page on our website and re-subscribe there. You will not need to register an account again.

What are the average pips gained per signal?

We always aim for 25 + pips minimum per trade. Nothing less.

What kind of signals do you give?

We give High probability trade setups and expectations of various instruments in the form of chart anlysis with crucial zones. We do not give scalping signals.

When are new signals provided?

New signals are shared in the VIP trading room on a weekly basis throughout each week. We do not chase the market we let the market come to us!

How many signals are shared per week?

+- 4 Every week. We say "+-" because we only share highly probable and high quality signals. If there is no setup that has our attention we won't give a signal for the mere fact of giving one, we wait for the market to come to us.

What type of broker do i need?

Any Forex broker! With that being said, We recommend ECN brokers because of their favorable market conditions and spreads but any broker will do.

What is your signal success rate?

Our win rate is 85%.


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