Baking Classes

  • Master the art of choux pastry in your own kitchen and with friends

    3 hr

    190 euros
  • Have fun with your date creating stunning French Tarts from scratch

    3 hr

    190 euros
  • Have fun with your friends creating stunning French Desserts from scra...

    3 hr

    190 euros

Live a hands-on session

Whatever you want to learn, we'll do it together. I'll get you up to speed, at your own pace, so once you're alone with your oven, you can create wonders.

Master your kitchen

Learn how to make delicious pastries at home, with your own appliances, tools, and space. It's more practical than baking in fancy labs.

See the must-have

Understand all the important baking tools and how to use them. I'll bring all the utensils with me to show you -  no need to go on a shopping spree. 

Learn food chemistry

Knowing how ingredients interact with each other and their roles in recipes is just as important as mastering baking techniques.

Your Baking Experience


Where do you do baking classes?

I do in-home private baking classes in and around Berlin. You just need to enter your address when booking the class, and I'll come to you.

What must I have in my kitchen?

After a booking, you always receive a survey in which I ask you what equipment you have, to make sure my class is adapted to your kitchen. You need at least the following: - kitchen counter 100x70cm - oven up to 200°C min - kitchen element - fridge - sink

What types of baking techniques do you teach?

I teach mostly French pastry and French desserts, which two goals: have fun and give you enough knowledge and confiance to be able to recreate the recipes by yourself. If you have a question regarding the techniques I teach, don't hesitate to contact me.

How many people can attend an in-home baking class?

Depending on which of class you book, you can have up to 5 participants. For a baking class with more than 5 people, please contact me directly.

Are your baking classes suitable for kids?

Yes. Kids can attend any of the Family & Kids Baking Classes

Do you do vegan baking classes?

Most of my baking is already vegeration. The only animal product I still use is eggs. Except for choux classes, all classes can be made vegan.


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