Baking Class with Friends

Make sweet memories with your besties 

A class includes

a 3-hour baking session for 3 to 5 adults, with the ingredients, the utensils, the recipes, and a cup of  French culture.

Baking a stunning cake is difficult. Really? Grab a few of your friends and spend a fun time among the fragrances of butter, sugar and flour, in your own kitchen, learning all about home-baking French desserts. Each participant bakes a full product from scratch - up to you to share it at the end of the class or keep it all for yourself ;)


All classes are tailored to your level of experience, your kitchen size, and equipment, as well as your wishes.

Friends Baking Class in details

“Baking class with friends” are in-home baking classes tailored for bigger groups, with two ideas in mind: spending a great time with your friends and enabling everyone to recreate stunning French desserts at home.

The session is tailored for you: you might want to live a remake of Master Chef and skilling up in baking with your foodie friends, or maybe, you prefer to have a Julia Child baking lesson, all relax and cozy with lots of explanations. 

In any case, we’ll cover the essential topics: recipes explained step by steps, hands-on techniques and gestures, food chemistry, and also how to fix mistakes in preparations - all of this with a bit of French Patisserie history and food culture. And a lot of fun!


How does a typical class look like? 

  • Fill out a short survey after your booking so I can tailor the class to the equipment you have, your tastes and your expectations

  • Approve the recipes that I’ll send you a few days before the class.

  • Plan for 4 hours in total on the day of the class (3 hours hands-on + minimum 30 min for setting and cleaning up). 

    • A short introduction: some info about the cake, the recipe and how the session is going to go

    • A step by step baking session totally hands-on: ingredients come pre-weighted, so we can focus on learning the techniques and the gesture. I explain, you do (and taste, I know you, spoon lickers!).

    • Assemble & decorate the cake

    • Review possible mistakes and pitfalls - and how to fix and avoid them

  • Eat your delicious creations with your friends. you’ll have enough cake to share with 10 to 12 people

  • Receive a digital version of the recipe leaflet, and the details list of the tools & ingredients you worked with, so that you can recreate the recipe later. 

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