Baking Class for Kids & Family

A class includes

a 2-hour session for 2 to 3 kids (6-14 yo) and 1 adult, with the ingredients, the utensils the recipes, and a great program

Baking develops autonomy, creativity, and taste. Kids practice focus and attention to detail, following guidelines. They will learn food safety (food hygiene, and healthy eating habits), along with a  few French words!  


A fun & playful experience

All classes are

 tailored to the age of the participants (and an adult is mandatory), with sugar and fat-conscious recipes


Kids & Family Baking Class in details

The purpose of the class is for the kids to spend a great time with each other while developing valuable culinary skills, and mastering mixing, measuring, kneading and balancing flavors.

We'll cover essential topics, such as how to handle food safely and healthy eating habits and they'll need to use their math, science, and reading knowledge in a sweet and delicious way! All recipes are age-appropriate and sugar and fat-conscious. Kids baking classes must be conducted under the responsibility of an adult.


How does a typical class look like? 

  • A class lasts 2 hours: 1h baking + 1h decorating 

  • We start with learning about safety and by cleaning hands

  • We read the recipe, we measure, we mix - all of it is done with enabling the kids to do it themselves

  • Then start the baking: understanding the ingredients, what they are, what they do, what they smell, taste

  • Baking and a small break

  • I show them decorating techniques and tools

  • Let them freely explore creativity while supervising and answering questions

  • Small cleaning of the kitchen

Kids & Family Baking Class Gallery

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