Baking Workshops


All workshops in Daheim Manufaktur are canceled for the time being due to unforeseen events. However, you can still order a gift card and/or a private baking class in your own kitchen. The workshops will be back soon; follow me on facebook to know more about it!

Sun. 15 September 2019


In this 4-hours baking course, you’ll learn and perform each step in making the perfect Mille-Feuilles​, French style!

Vegan Workshop!

Sun. 15 September 2019


This workshop is an introduction to choux pastry -- the magic dough behind eclairs, cream puffs and so many other delicious French Pastries.

Baking workshops in Berlin

Brand new this year: baking workshops by Lecker Lise. Mille-feuilles, choux and more are now on the program of Daheim Manufaktur, a beautiful wooden kitchen in the heart of Kreuzberg -- the perfect place to experience artisan baking first hand.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned baker, Lise is here to offer her experience and guidance in the art of baking.


During workshops, you'll learn baking techniques, a bit of history, recommendations on baking equipment, how to choose and where to buy your ingredients, details on dough and filling, decorations techniques, probably some French words and much more. Recipes and techniques are adapted to home cooking, so you'll be ready to re-create all you learned in your own kitchen later on.


Of course, the workshops by Lecker Lise give you the opportunity to be hands-on during the whole session! The creations you'll bring home are your own -- to share or... to keep ;)


Check out the dates for the next workshops above, or simply look on Eventbrite.

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